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What You Should Know When Painting A Hotel Exterior

By April 29, 2021May 11th, 2022Painting Tips
Painting A Hotel Exterior

Painting the exterior of a hotel is not the same as the interior.
Most people wrongly assume that only the inside of the place needs a delicate touch and attention towards perfection. However, this is far from the truth. While the intricacies of an interior painting job don’t apply to the exterior, the outside of a hospitality building poses no less of a challenge of its own.
Thus never try to rush through a hotel painting job and never make the mistake of handing over such a delicate task to someone unequal for the challenges that await. Only a professional painting crew can handle such projects with the level of expertise needed to make them flawless.
For over two decades, we at re:fab have been endlessly engaged in the painting business. We have risen as one of the most highly acclaimed in our field. In this article, we will share insights that we learned in our professional evolution about painting the exterior of a hotel.
So hang tight as we take you on a roller coaster ride of exterior painting!

Here’s What You Need To Know About A Hotel Exterior Painting Project

No more waiting. Here’s our rundown:

1.     Only Use High-Quality Materials

While it may be tempting to go ahead with cheaper materials, especially considering the quantities needed, a good investment at this stage will reward you infinitely more in the coming times. Not only can you make a much stronger impact via the perfection of the finish that such products offer, but the look will also last longer.
Consider this: why do you want to go with cheaper products in the first place?
They cost less, that’s why. But what if we told you that they don’t cost less, not in the long term. Shocked, right? Well, it is true, and we can prove it. A cheaper product will cost you, let’s say, $20 per gallon, compared to the $35-40 price range (can be more than this too) for high-quality products.
This coat won’t be able to withstand the tough weather conditions of the outside world and thus start losing its look and finish in less than a year, or maybe just a little over a year. At this point, you won’t only have to buy more paint but also hire painters to get the whole thing redone.
This way, the cheaper option costs much more than a premium-quality product.
Remember, you can’t compromise on the looks of the exterior paint as it is the first thing that catches the eye of anyone heading towards your hotel. You must ensure that it is a welcoming sight, not like something dragged out of the Amityville movie!
A one-time investment that stays good in the long-term is more than welcome to any business owner or manager. This is precisely the point with high-quality products. You will enjoy a flat finish, and some paints even have a lifetime warranty against defects in the final look.
Make a smart choice here. Think long-term.

2.     Preparation Is More Important Than The Actual Job

Yes, you heard that right!
The actual painting job is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is to apply a uniform coat (well, it’s not that simple, but play along), but what comes before it is much more important and perhaps even harder at times. Professional painters make it a point to go through all the prep work with complete thoroughness beforehand.
This includes tidying up the surface, completely ridding it of all the dirt and dust it accumulated over time, dealing with any peel-offs and flakes on the surface, covering up unevenness, sanding away the roughness, and so on. All of this can take hours, considering the area to be covered.
Most painters prefer a pressure washer for the washing part, although a scrub and hose can also do the trick. As long as the results are okay, all is fine.
As for the flaky areas, a thorough scraping will do the trick. Orbit sanders can make the work even easier (and most painters do use them). These machines are automated and require minimal effort to operate but offer consistent results nevertheless.
Lastly, to fill up all the cracks and depressions, plaster is employed. It should be allowed to dry up perfectly before applying the primer and then the paint coat.
Leave the prep work to the painting crew because you may inadvertently damage the surface and thus ruin the appeal of the finish. Professional painters are usually quite eager to handle the prep work on their own because this way, they can ensure excellence throughout.

3.     Lead Paints Are A Big No-No

Lead paints are not mainstream anymore, but you never know what’s inside the bucket of a cheap product. Thus be sure to get one that specifically mentions that it is lead-free. Lead is a major pollutant and can cause harm in solid, liquid, and vapor states – thus, it is not safe however you look at it.
Lead paints create pollutant dust that is unsafe for humans of all ages.
It is important to avoid such a major health hazard, however possible. In case the previous coat had lead in it (get it tested to know for sure), you’ll first have to get it removed by seeking out the services of a certified lead-safe professional.
This is all the more reason you hire professional painters because they will help you avoid the hassle by using safe and environmentally friendly paint for your project.
For more information about lead poisoning, check out EPA’s website.

4.     Don’t Use A Single Coat Of Paint

Most clients tend to skip the primer when it comes to painting the exterior or the interior of a building. However, primers are as important as the paint coats themselves; that is, if you want the coat to last. For extended durability and maintain that flawless look in your coat, make sure that you never settle for a single coating.
This is once again a low-cost trap that turns into a high-cost loss.
Primers create a barrier between the final coat and the substrate and ensure that the finish is much smoother and finer. Some painters prefer to use contrasting shades of primer and paints to help easily highlight any points left out and thus ensure perfection – a smart trick indeed.
In short, one paint coat is not enough if you want your painting job to withstand the challenge of time.

5.     There Is No Substitute To Being Properly Equipped

Rollers, automated orbit sanders, pressure washers, primers, high-quality paint – we’ve already listed a couple of premium equipment that stands as the backbone of any exterior painting job, be it in for a house setting or in a commercial setting.
The hospitality business relies heavily on the looks of your place, and the only way to ensure perfection here to get a crew that comes completely prepared for the task.
If they claim to be professional, no painter will go ahead with a painting job without these trusty gadgets. Moreover, since these tools are not simple to operate, you must hire only commercial painting experts instead of getting your hands on such gadgets and handing them to an unskilled laborer.
Just be sure to ask the painting crew beforehand if they’ll use such sophisticated tools for the job and hire them only if the answer is yes.

6.     Create Realistic Expectations

Most people are in a rush with their painting and renovation projects, and yes, we get it. People want things done fast but hold your horses. Rushing through such delicate tasks is a sure way to ruin the finish and ending up with a hastily wound-up painting job, completely inadequate.
We’re not saying that urgent tasks are not possible. We’re simply pointing out that for the best results, you should avoid rushing things unnecessarily. Create a realistic list of expectations with the deadline, budget, value, and so on.
Similarly, you can’t expect premium results without premium products or without hiring a professional painting team.
Think your decisions through before finalizing them, that’s all.

7.     Not All Weathers Are Perfect For An Exterior Painting Project

For optimal results, never paint the exterior under harsh weather conditions. Most paints stick perfectly in a temperature range of 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you should paint on days when the sky is shady, and the temperature falls within the aforementioned range.
Rain, intense sunlight, or wind are all not favorable for a painting project. Thus you should delay matters if the weather doesn’t seem to get any better.
The paint will dry up very soon under a bright sun or on hot days, while any dampness will create unwanted bubbles and ruin the finish.
Be sure to keep a weather forecast report handy to plan the repainting job.

8.     Cleanliness Is Important

Everyone loves the look of a fresh coat, but that of paint-splattered over bushes and neighboring trees, not so much. The excellence of any painting job for both the interior and exterior is reflected in the attention to cleanliness. After all, that’s the whole point:  clean and fine look.
Based on the techniques used, the risk of paint splatter may be minimal or extreme, but in either case, it is important to cover up everything to ensure that all looks neat and tidy once the work is complete. The same also applies to any neighboring buildings, vehicle parking areas, and so on.

9.     Do Your Checks Before Your Hire Someone

The most important aspect of any painting job is the one doing it. Always go for professional painters rather than unskilled workers willing to do the job for less. You need the best for your project because the success of your business is at stake here.
But of course, there is no way of knowing whether those who claim to be the best are indeed as they claim to be. You can ensure that’s the case by going through the company’s reviews (from independent sites) or checking out their blog section (having one reflects professional expertise), or you could ask for references.
Just be sure that the people doing the job are the best in the business.

re:fab Can Handle All Interior & Exterior Painting Projects With Flawless Skill

If over two decades of professional excellence have taught us something, every new project is another chance of winning the heart of a client. We have never failed to impress and amaze our clients with our utmost dedication to every job and our professional approach.
Whether it be a resident or commercial setting, we treat all projects and clients with the same level of respect and thus deliver our best with every job. We assure you that if you give us a shot at your painting project, you will see for yourself that we are worth our salt.
Call us today, and we’ll show you how we can add value to your project!

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