A key factor for businesses in the hospitality industry is to make your guests feel comfortable and welcomed. Especially for hotels in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont areas, it’s important to create beautiful spaces for out-of-town guests to stay in while they enjoy the history and tourism of the area. re:fab is an organization of painting and renovation experts dedicated to helping commercial businesses in the New England area. With over 30 years of experience, our hotel painters and renovators are capable of helping clients who own or manage hotels make their spaces look as inviting as possible. Learn more about how re:fab can help your hotel and other hospitality business now!

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Tourism is one of the main sources of business for hotels in the New England area. Your commercial hospitality businesses can help create a positive first impression of the area by giving both local and out-of-town guests a beautiful place to rest at night. The hotel painters at re:fab are ready to help you update your walls to maintain a universal image of exceptional service and care. Whether your exterior paint is chipped or suffering from environmental damage, or you’re looking to completely transform the interior of your hotel, re:fab can help! Our hotel partners are happy to help you create a relaxing space for guests to rest their heads and unwind after a long day of vacationing. 

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Not only are our hotel painters at your service when it comes to updating your interior and exterior paint, but we can also help you do a little reorganizing. We understand how important it is for businesses in the hospitality industry to keep up with modern technology and designs, which is why our re:fab organization provides renovation services. It’s not uncommon for our hotel painters and renovators to help make changes to a hotel’s flooring/epoxy coatings, wall coverings, windows, doors, room kitchenettes and bathrooms, siding, and exterior façade. Whether you’re interested in making urgent repairs and adaptations to ensure the comfort of your guests, or in adding a few more bells and whistles, partnering with re:fab allows you to update your entire establishment while also remaining open.

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How re:fab’s Hotel Painters Tackle Commercial Projects

As a business ourselves, we understand how critical it is for hotels to continue operations, continue making a profit, and continue providing excellent service to guests. It’s for this reason our hotel painters take great care in identifying your hotel’s individual needs, goals, and requirements when it comes to painting and renovating. From there, our project managers offer complete, full transparency on the timeline of said project and what you can expect as a manager or owner. To eliminate as many distractions to your everyday processes as possible, re:fab’s hotel painters will work around your schedule, even completing work overnight and on weekends. We’re proud to complete all building adaptations on budget and on time!

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Our hotel painters and renovators at re:fab have over three decades’ worth of experience serving New England, helping commercial businesses create ideal building interiors and exteriors. We describe ourselves as a people business that’s passionate about helping our clients create customized spaces with the help of our hotel painters. Not only do we provide detailed on-site estimates before starting any project, but we’re also focused entirely on mixing disruptions to your everyday processes. 

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