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Shopping center refresh finished EARLY and on budget!

Our crews repaired some siding and repainted this popular Shopping Center in Medway, MA! Thank…

A TANK of a project! Repainting an ammonia tank in just 4 DAYS!

We repainted a large ammonia tank in less than a week! Our crews had to…

Protecting Your Investment: Tips on Winterizing Your Commercial Property

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, it's time to start thinking about…

Project Spotlight: NINE buildings repaired two months ahead of schedule!

We repaired nine condominium buildings two months ahead of schedule! We recently completed work for…

Embrace the Summer Shine: The Benefits of Summer Painting

The Benefits of Painting a Building in the Summer   As the sun's warm rays…

Top Ways to Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Renovation Project

As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. One…

Project Spotlight: TWO Buildings repainted in ONE WEEK!

We repainted two large buildings in just one week! Our crews recently finished a large…

Top Techniques Used by Commercial Painters to Achieve High-Quality Results

If you want your commercial building to look its absolute best, it's important to hire…

reimagine your space with a Meta Quest 2!

As a contractor, we love how technology can help you expand your space and mind.…

Paint Sprayers vs Brushes & Rollers

We often get asked why we choose to paint using sprayers over painting with brushes…

re:defining experience in the painting industry: Peter Ducharme

The year was 1980, when our very own Peter Ducharme started his first job at…

Keys To Wearing It Well: Exterior Painting and Surface Preparation

Exterior Panting and Surface Preparation Tips by Mark T. Weiner, CSI Winter's drab grey has…

Client Testimonials

When we work with ProGroup Contracting, we never have to worry about if we are going to get a response throughout the project or are going to be able to get ahold of someone from the company.

Steve EmersonThe Norfolk Companies

I chose to go with ProGroup Contracting because of the quality of their work and the fair pricing.

Tom Murphy, Property ManagerHarbor Management

I continue to work with ProGroup Contracting because to me, it always comes down to quality of work and fairness in price, and I know I am getting both when I work with ProGroup Contracting.

Patrick HollandMediate Management Company

I’ve heard a lot of good things about ProGroup. I like the customer service and quality of work that they provide.

Steve HornsbyHM Management

Their customer service and the variety of services offered make ProGroup stand out from the competition.

Neilie SequeiraWingate Companies

ProGroup is very professional, they always show up when they say they will. We have a very good working relationship with them.

Paul NeumanSpringhouse Pond

The entire team is very responsive to the customer’s needs. They are one of the best contractors I have ever worked with, and not only do they provide great service, they stand behind their work!

Peter CalabreseBrixmor Property Group

I decided to use ProGroup for our project because they came highly referred to me from a trusted source. I was very impressed with their professionalism and customer service.

Renee GodetWatertown Boys & Girls Club

The reason we chose ProGroup Contracting is that they’ve always done good work, good responsiveness. They took care of our needs and if there were any issues, they hopped right on things and took care of it.

Dan Rivers, Division PresidentG&G Management

ProGroup Contracting was very responsive to our questions and emails, and was flexible in accommodating our project as the hours we requested to meet and execute the project were skewed. ProGroup Contracting came across as very experienced and very professional.

Alicia MosessoKendall Square Association

I always know the work will get done quickly the first time, and I trust that if ProGroup makes a recommendation, that they have my best interests in mind. I continue to work with ProGroup Contracting because there is less hassle, fair pricing, integrity I can count on and high quality work!

Gerard Kolodejcak Jr.Ashley Furniture HomeStore

What makes ProGroup Contracting stand out from the competition is that ProGroup has a strong communication practice and keeps you notified of the status of the project throughout the process. This is extremely helpful for property managers who answer to ownership.

David BarrettRCM Services

Their transparency and ease of making changes on the fly is what motivates me to continue working with ProGroup Contracting.

Casey JonesGolfTec

ProGroup is always our first call when we need routine or preventive maintenance and they deliver in ways that exceed our expectations. Our client managers through the years, and especially now, go above and beyond to make sure our projects are done correct the first time, delivering high quality results with budget friendly prices.

Patrick GirouxBioMed Realty

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