Interior And Exterior Hotel Painting Services

When you decide that the time has come to repaint your hotel, you may be stuck trying to decide if you should do a touch-up job on your own or if you should hire professionals. If you are unsure what professional hotel painting services can do for your hotel’s interior and exterior, starting with an estimate may be the best place to start.

When receiving an estimate, we discuss all of your options for interior and exterior hotel painting. We know what is required for a project of this size, so we want to make sure a plan is in place if you decide to have us handle your painting.

Essential Hotel Painting Services

As a part of handling your hotel painting needs, we can handle jobs as simple as a refresh to a complete paint remodel. There are times when other areas, not just the walls, need to be painted. As professionals, we offer these services for our hotel clients:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior wall painting
  • Caulking and sealing
  • Door and window painting
  • Trim painting
  • Drywall and masonry repairs
  • Power washing
  • Wood painting and staining
  • Ceiling painting

As expert painters, we provide these to better the aesthetic value of your hotel. We review all of your requests to help you develop the best painting plan for your hotel.

Painting Materials and Planning Process

As hotel painters, we know how important it is to communicate with you and other staff within the hotel. There are going to be special requests that you make that we will work diligently to adhere to. We also know that when you are looking for a hotel painting service, you want:

  • A company that will follow the blueprints, specs, and detailed painting plan
  • The use of low-to-no VOC paint to reduce odors and hazardous fumes within the hotel walls
  • Have EPA lead certification
  • Use only the best quality of painting equipment
  • Properly prepare surfaces prior to painting to ensure the job lasts

We know that your paint job should last for a while, but you could be looking at a poor paint job without the proper preparation. Taking this a step further, we will help you pick out the right paints for each area of your hotel. Highly trafficked areas should have an easily washable paint solution. Rooms are often neutral and cohesive throughout the entire hotel.

Minimal Business Impact

Hotels are in operation all-day and all-night, making the chance for foot traffic likely at any time of the day. Professional hotel painters respect this about your business and work with you to create a schedule to minimize the amount of interference that may occur during the project.

While painters need to work with precision and speed, we find that being flexible to your needs is just as important. We urge hotel owners to schedule painting projects during the off-season and nights, whenever there will be the least amount of interference by our presence.

The process of painting your hotel should not impose further damage to your hotel. This means that when we come in to handle a painting project, we bring the proper accessories to keep your hotel looking pristine. We cover the furniture and the floors in the area we are working in. We make sure to mark these areas so that wandering guests do not slip or fall while we are working.

Licensing and Insurance

One of the biggest indicators of a legitimate painting business is professional licensing and liability insurance. It is also a huge plus when warranties are available when it comes to labor and materials.

  • Licensing should be issued by the state of the painting company
  • All current safety certifications should be up to date, including Fall Protection and Aerial Lift Operation
  • All of the proper lifts, scaffolding, and ladders should be present when the hotel painters come
  • A multi-million dollar general liability insurance policy that protects the hotel, guests, the painters, and the painting company from liability for accidents or damages
  • Full worker’s compensation for the painters involved in the project

Saving Money

As a hotel owner, you want to save as much money on your painting project as possible. Unfortunately, if you gamble on a hotel painting company that isn’t legitimate, you may be out more money than you originally anticipated. To ensure you save the most amount of money, make sure that you get the following from your prospective hotel painting company:

  • Detailed quote – Your quote should include the total amount for your project and the timeline for completion. The last thing you want is to end up with unexpected expenses because you didn’t get a detailed quote.
  • Deposit – When a professional painter is working on a large-scale project, they usually do not ask for an initial deposit. Instead, these professionals offer 30- or 60- day terms. They make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work during each phase of the project before asking for money.
  • Shares images of other jobs – Be wary of the “professional” company that doesn’t want to share past work with you. A professional hotel painting company will be more than willing to share photos and references of their past jobs.

re:fab: Hotel Painters You Can Trust

A hotel can be a large project for the wrong painting company. It can turn into an absolute disaster if the company is not experienced in handling projects of that size. To make sure you receive the best quality hotel painting services, always look to a professional who can provide you with the whole package.

re:fab offers the whole package, including but not limited to detailed quotes, a transparent project management process, and a satisfaction assessment after we have completed the job. We pride ourselves on our excellent project management team and offer our full support every day until your project is finished.

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